Close By Creeks for Fishing and Hiking

Two of the undisputed favorite activities to pursue while spending time in Teton Valley are fishing & hiking. Whether you’re a local resident or a vacationer simply trying to squeeze in some afternoon fun casting a fly rod and/or looking to take a quick hike, it’s easy and convenient. This is especially so when Victor, Idaho, is your home base.

Everything that says adventure is within easy reach for Teton Springs Lodge & Spa guests who quickly discover that the world of recreation is there for the taking. For Lodge and mountain log home guests, you will have access just steps outside your accommodations and be fishing in one of the Bronze Buffalo Sporting Clubs well-stocked ponds and streams.

And, if you need some expertise to help you become proficient in no time, we can help with that too. Our partners at World Cast Outfitters, based in downtown Victor, have an impressive stable of guides to ensure the learning curve is fast & proficient.

Fishing and Hiking near Teton Springs Lodge
Fishing and Hiking Adventures Teton Springs

Floating the local rivers in this region, especially the Teton River and Southfork of the Snake River, is optimally experienced in a drift boat with a WorldCast guide lending their expertise every step of the way.

For folks new to the area, WorldCast takes the guesswork out of the equation relative to water flows (which can dramatically alter the fishing), what stretch of river is fishing best at the time and what the fish are eating on any particular day. It’s also about exquisite service. Fishing with WorldCast means pick-up and delivery. As you finish your coffee and homemade breakfast at the Lodge’s Sage Café, your guide awaits curbside and off you go.

However, with a little research and pre planning, there are also many choices when it comes to seeking your own fishing adventures. Hiking into less-traveled creeks is a coveted pastime in Teton Valley. In fact, half the fun is reaching some of these waterways and often both hiking shoes and waders are packed for a particular fishing pursuit. A few miles from Teton Springs, in virtually every direction, are reputable streams that will test your skills and ingenuity.

Fishing the local creeks can often be challenging but these outings can often produce some of the purest fly-fishing opportunities and almost as fulfilling, experiencing areas not typically mentioned in the guidebooks.

Pine Creek is just 15 minutes or so from Teton Springs as you travel towards scenic Swan Valley via Highway 31. There are easy access points to the water just off the highway but once you climb down into this stream, you’ll swear you’re off the beaten path as the willows lining the banks protect you from seeing the steady flow of cars, boats and campers headed to popular Palisades Lake or the coveted Southfork of the Snake River. Many anglers overlook many of these fun, less famous waterways in eastern Idaho and you shouldn’t. This water is filled with cutthroat trout hidden in deep pools and riffles. Accessible once the spring runoff has settled down on Pine Creek, typically late June or early July, you can wade to your hearts content for almost 9 miles. It’s a hiking and fishing expedition all in one outing!

Fishing and Hiking Idaho Creeks

Moose Creek is another great excursion in this wonderous mountain-river country, located about 4 miles from Teton Springs. There’s definitely trout in this stream but watch your back cast, trees and bushes loom. And for the non-anglers in your party, Moose Creek is an easy trek for an afternoon hike, offering stellar forest views and the chance to spot a variety of wildlife. For the more experienced trailblazers looking to put some miles on their hiking shoes and a more challenging outing that takes you deep into Wyoming’s wilderness, the South Leigh Creek, Granite Basin, Green Lakes Loop fits the bill. Completing the entire 20-mile loop probably isn’t realistic for a day hike so perhaps sample a portion as this entire expedition offers incredible Teton views, fields of wildflowers and plenty of bridges as you crisscross South Leigh Creek several times. Birdwatching is also at a premium on this journey that is a road less traveled, so to speak, especially when compared to other popular Teton Mountain trails. Perhaps on the next visit to Teton Springs, an overnight pack trip with one of the local guide companies will fulfill the dream of completing the entire loop.

Teton Springs Lodge

For children on the trip interested in a pure nature experience plus snagging a trout or two of their own, and all within minutes from Teton Springs, is the perfect combo – a mellow hike up the Teton Pass Trail followed by fishing on Trail Creek Pond, known locally as “Connie’s Pond.” Complete with picnic tables and paths around the ponds, it’s easy for kids of all ages to fish from the banks. It’s stocked, so rewards on this outing are as plentiful as the smiles.

Preplanning is prudent for all Teton Springs Lodge & cabin guests prior to arrival as the myriad of activities is staggering, in all seasons. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help plan the perfect vacation here in the Grand Tetons, America’s favorite playground. Play away!


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