Idaho Winter Vacation Spots

Idaho winter vacation spots are as diverse as the state itself and there’s certainly never a short supply of Idaho’s vacation spots, winter destinations specifically, that shine. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa in Victor, Idaho, certainly qualifies as one of the state’s rising stars, especially for those winter sports enthusiasts who are looking for more than the traditional ski or snowboard destination. Teton Springs opened in 2007 and has been heralded as eastern Idaho’s premier resort for its accommodations, services and guest amenities. For adventure seeking guests, the real attraction is the activities Teton Springs offers in and around the Teton Mountains.

Idaho Winter Vacation Spots

Come enjoy an unmatched skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing adventure!

Teton Springs Lodge & Spa can also offer an unmatched powder skiing experience that can’t be duplicated at other Idaho vacations spots and that’s heli skiing. Yes, it’s true that heli skiing is available in other parts of the Gem State, but Teton Springs offers a unique and convenient way to take to the skies with skis in hand. Guests board the chopper with Teton Springs partner High Mountain Heli-Skiing literally just steps from lodge accommodations. High Mountain Heli has been guiding skiers in the Tetons and surrounding mountains since the 1970’s. Now guests of Teton Springs can conveniently sample the extraordinary scenery in this Yellowstone-Teton region while skiing and snowboarding in what many have called the best snow conditions in the Rockies.

Heli skiing isn’t the only adventure why winter guests should seriously consider a stay at this Teton Valley boutique hotel.

A winter Wildlife Tour into Grand Teton National Park with Teton Springs Lodge preferred vendor, Brushbuck Tours, could very well be a vacation highlight for everyone in the party. It’s an especially unique and meaningful experience for most winter travelers heading to a destination expecting their adventures to be limited to skiing and snowboarding. A winter wildlife tour is not an activity often found at, or near, most ski resorts. It’s another reason guests choose this magnificent region for their winter destination.

Winter time in the Teton area is nothing but beautiful

Most visitors assume that wildlife viewing is more or less restricted to the summer season, which is logical given the news coverage of our national parks in summer promotion, especially Yellowstone National Park. However, winter tours conducted during snowy days in this spectacular national park always prove to be gratifying and well worth the time. The guides at Brushbuck are experienced in knowing where the optimum wildlife viewing can be found, in all seasons. The naturalist guide will give guests the optimum opportunity to see moose, bald eagles, coyotes, elk, bighorn sheep and if it’s your lucky day, even wolves. On one particular winter tour option, guests are treated to wildlife viewing in the morning with an afternoon sleigh ride into the National Elk Refuge that borders the town of Jackson. Thousands of elk migrate to the refuge every winter, which is also a sanctuary to other mammals and an incredible number of birds.

Idaho Winter Vacation Spots

Another vacation option to seriously consider – A trip into Yellowstone National Park during the throes of winter season. It’s truly the optimum time to visit our nation’s first national park. The wildlife one is able to view is staggering. It’s a magical world covered in white and there are a few ways to experience Yellowstone and its abundance of unique geological features. Guided snowmobile tours are a fun and dynamic way to explore the park and traveling on a snowcoach is another. Teton Springs is there to help.


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Come stay with us and be prepared to be spoiled. Teton Springs is popular destination for families and thrill seekers alike, we offer our guests hiking, guided fly-fishing, mountain biking, fantastic skiing, access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, and some of the best views and activities in the West.

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