Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

No trip to Teton Springs is complete without a visit to Yellowstone, America’s very first national park. No matter the season, this national treasure is full of natural wonders, so be sure to bring your camera! Experience the legendary Old Faithful geyser, see buffalo, moose and other wildlife in their natural habitat, wet a line in one of the many rivers and streams and marvel at the countless geologic wonders found within the park. Explore by foot, boat, or bike in the summer, or by snow coach or snowmobile in the winter.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most remarkable destinations in the United States, and a summertime visit is unlike anything else. Yellowstone has something for every type of traveler, with its awe-inspiring landscapes, iconic wildlife, and countless outdoor activities.

Discover Yellowstone’s Geothermal Features

Explore the park’s incredible geothermal features, including the world-famous Old Faithful geyser, to begin your journey. Yellowstone’s geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles demonstrate the power of nature. Take a walk along the Norris Geyser Basin or Upper Geyser Basin boardwalks to get up close and personal with the park’s geological marvels.

Wildlife Encounters in Yellowstone

Yellowstone never disappoints those in search of wildlife encounters. The park is home to a vast assortment of animals, including bison, elk, wolves, grizzly bears, and black bears, among others. Experience the majesty of these incredible creatures in their natural habitats through a guided tour or a self-guided wildlife-viewing excursion.

Water-Based Activities in Yellowstone

Numerous lakes, rivers, and streams make Yellowstone an ideal location for water-based activities. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing are excellent options for exploring the park’s waterways. White water rafting down the Snake River in the Hoback Canyon is an absolute must for thrill-seekers. This adrenaline-pumping adventure will take you through breathtaking landscapes and provide a fresh perspective on Yellowstone’s natural beauty.

Hiking Trails for Every Skill Level

If you prefer hiking, Yellowstone has over 900 miles of trails to explore. There are trails for every skill level, from easy, family-friendly hikes to difficult backcountry excursions. Take a hike to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and admire the breathtaking waterfall, or visit the remote Lamar Valley for a chance to see the park’s elusive wildlife.

With so much to see and do, a summer trip to Yellowstone National Park is an unforgettable experience. Do not miss the chance to witness one of the most magnificent natural wonders in the world.

Summer in Yellowstone:

  • Hiking for all ability levels
  • Wildlife viewing from the comfort of your vehicle
  • Visiting the famous “Old Faithful” Geyser and thousands of Yellowstone’s thermal features
  • Guided wildlife & scenic tours
  • Birds eye view of the park’s untamed rivers & breathtaking scenery especially the “Grand Canyon of Yellowstone”
  • Guided fishing expeditions
  • Rent a rowboat at Bridger Bay Marina

Winter in Yellowstone:

  • Snowmobiling with an expert guide
  • Snowcoach tours for wildlife viewing
  • Snowshoe expeditions to park hot pots
  • Wolf watching tours
  • Cross country skiing
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