The Yellowstone-Teton region in the Northern Rockies is world-renowned for its ruggedly beautiful landscape, jaw-dropping saw-toothed peaks and miles and miles of the country’s most scenic rivers. This spectacular swatch of wilderness area is also a refuge for incredible wildlife such as grizzly bear, elk, bald eagle, American moose and wolf. Adventure seekers, recreationists and those simply looking to feast on the stunning scenery, are attracted to Yellowstone-Teton country year-round as few places in America can boast the seasonal opportunities available here. And while this destination can be considered remote, it is ironically easily accessible to air travelers which has added a new layer to its popularity.

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Travelling options to the Yellowstone-Teton Area

Vacationers to Teton Springs Lodge & Spa this spring/ summer 2022 have two terrific and convenient options when it comes to traveling by air into this glorious Yellowstone-Teton region. The Idaho Falls Regional Airport is 62 miles from the sleepy and charming town of Victor, Idaho, home of Teton Springs Resort, while the Jackson Hole Airport is less than 34 miles away. After deplaning, the easy-to-maneuver Jackson Hole Airport with rental car options, your journey begins. You’ll pass through the authentically western town of Jackson and over the incredibly scenic and dramatic Teton Pass before gliding into eastern Idaho. And while both Jackson Hole and Idaho Falls airports are served by major airlines, the majority of Teton Springs guests will inevitably choose to land in Jackson Hole with its closer proximity to Teton Springs and direct flights from major cities. The Jackson Hole Airport also owns the distinction of being the only airport in the entire country that’s located in a national park and the drama of landing in the shadow of the Teton Mountains, in Grand Teton National Park, sets the tone for what promises to be a life-altering visit.

Undoubtedly the closure of this iconic airport to conduct runway improvements would prove an inconvenience for many visitors during any time of the year. However, for spring ’22 destination guests planning a visit during the Jackson Hole Airport closure (April 11-June 27), other wonderful opportunities present themselves. After all, the Rockies are chock full of natural wonders as Teton Springs guests weave their way to Teton Valley from a number of other Wyoming, Idaho, Montana & Utah airport possibilities.

Idaho Falls Airport

Idaho Falls Airport and other close options for Teton Valley visitors

The Idaho Falls Regional Airport is already a popular option for Teton Springs Lodge & Cabin destination guests, and it’s undoubtedly prudent to book early summer 2022 travel to the region soon if you’re looking to land at what locals refer to as “Fanning Field.” Another viable option further south down Interstate 15, and less than a 2-hour drive to Teton Springs, is the Pocatello, Idaho, Airport. International Airports in Cody, Wy and Bozeman, Montana should also be considered given their proximity to Yellowstone Park and other wonderful mountainous attractions on the way to Teton Valley. Salt Lake City International is another well-utilized airport for Teton Springs guests given the sheer number of airline schedules and route choices, affordable ticket prices, rental car options and easy travel to eastern Idaho.

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Come stay with us and be prepared to be spoiled. Teton Springs is a popular destination for families and adventure seekers alike. A sampling of activities includes hiking, guided fly-fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking & paddle-boarding, access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and some of the best views in North America.

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