The Teton Valley

Everything about the Teton Valley has been generating significant buzz of late, especially among outdoor enthusiasts and those wishing to potentially relocate to a spectacularly beautiful and serene mountain environment. Historically, this sleepy hamlet was known most exclusively for its rich soil, coupled with clean mountain air, creating the perfect conditions for growing the world-famous Idaho potato.

Livestock, another significant commodity coming out of the Teton Valley, graze peacefully among fields of wheat, barley and alfalfa. However, it’s the majesty of the Grand Teton Mountains jutting from the valley floor reaching to a high of 13,770 feet in the sky, that have put Teton Valley on the global map as one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.

Recreation in these magnificent mountains has come front and center and explains why visitors are drawn to Teton Valley. Teton Springs Lodge & Spa, located in the southern end of the valley just off the beaten path from the idyllic town of Victor, welcomes guests year-round who come to sample the natural resources and unlimited adventure opportunities. Summer season continues to dominate as the primary time of year when demand for Teton Springs lodging accommodations soar, but this pattern is evolving. Travelers have come to appreciate that this Yellowstone-Teton region is special and unique throughout the year and depending on one’s interests, there are always compelling reasons to visit even in non-peak seasons.

The Teton Valley
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The towns comprising Teton Valley Idaho; Victor, Driggs and Tetonia as well as neighboring Alta, Wyoming, sit at approximately 6,200 vertical feet above sea level, but does this stat alone make this scenic valley tucked on the west slope of the Teton Mountains unique? There are more than a few American towns and cities, particularly in the Rocky Mountains, that can boast impressive valley floor elevations. But the fact remains, most are not graced with the consistency of annual precipitation enjoyed by Teton Valley.

Meteorologists never fail to spin endless theories on why this phenomenon occurs. However, their scientific explanations often fall on deft ears as skiers and snowboarders only focus on the facts; they can safely rely on the one stat that does matter; light & dry powder will undoubtedly be in abundance when they arrive.

“White gold” as Targhee’s snow if often referred to, typically starts to fall in November and continues to grace these mountains late into spring, long after the last winter visitor has departed.

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Teton Springs guests arrive with their fat boards with one goal in mind, tackling the mostly intermediate and advanced intermediate slopes at neighboring Grand Targhee Resort. Curious visitors are often confused as to whether powder snow mecca Grand Targhee is actually located in Idaho or Wyoming as defining lines are often blurred on most maps. And to further confuse this geographical question, both the Gem and Cowboy state tourism offices proudly claim this resort in their arsenal of major destinations. It’s easily explained; Grand Targhee is tucked just inside the Wyoming border but access is gained exclusively through the gateway town of Driggs, Idaho. In fact, not many years ago the resort’s official address was listed as “Alta, Wyoming via Driggs Idaho.”

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Targhee has the well-deserved reputation of being a low-key resort with a genuine friendly vibe, a staff that is warm and welcoming and an easy-to-maneuver base village. Suffice to say, there are so many attributes in Targhee’s favor besides the 500 inches of snow that stacks up annually. Many obviously gravitate here for the unapparelled sensations that come from floating through ungroomed powder but Targhee guests have other options. For those snow sliders preferring the feel of corduroy under their skis, Targhee makes it a priority to smooth out a significant number of beginner, intermediate and even expert runs. Parents can also rely on this family-friendly resort to take particularly good care of the “Kid’s Zone” terrain where snow features for children of all ages is a signature product, and one of the many reasons mom & dad choose Targhee, referred to what is often called an “Wydaho” resort.

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Teton Springs guests also have the iconic Jackson Hole Mountain Resort at their disposal as this sprawling Wyoming ski and snowboard complex is a short drive from Victor via a gorgeous excursion over Teton Pass. Be aware however. Most mornings it’s a challenge to leave the comfort and cozy accommodations at Teton Springs. The one- and two-bedroom well-appointed suites are perfect for a family or group of friends. However, many will opt for true luxury, stellar views and more than enough room for everyone’s gear and settle into one of the three, four- and five-bedroom mountain log homes that grace Teton Spring Resort.

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Come stay with us and be prepared to be spoiled. Teton Springs is a popular destination for families and adventure seekers alike. A sampling of activities includes hiking, guided fly-fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking & paddle-boarding, access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and some of the best views in North America.

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