The global pandemic has dramatically changed the way many Americans perform their jobs. Working remotely, telecommuting or telework if you will, has literally altered the work place for millions. And given the vast improvements in advanced digital technology, this trend only promises to continue well after the pandemic is over. Thus, for many, this new way of honoring one’s employment commitments will become permanent. Telecommuting from a cabin rental at Teton Springs Resort gives credence to this ever-popular trend. These luxurious and comfortable mountain log homes that surround this resort community offer all the amenities one would require to successfully telecommute from their cabin rental.

Springtime in the Teton Valley

Telecommuting guests are quickly discovering that it’s prudent to consider all seasons when planning a visit to this Yellowstone-Teton region, whether for wok or play. Indeed, spring, summer, fall and winter all provide their own unique benefits to experiencing first-hand the world-class adventure and the rugged, untamed beauty of this region. Contrary to what misconceptions many have about visiting mountainous regions in the Spring, especially an end-of-season ski trip, this is actually a very attractive time to head to the hills, or in this case, the massive Grand Teton Mountains. Most folks with the Tetons in their sights recognize that this area is graced with an extremely high winter snowpack and spring skiing can be extraordinary. Visitors telecommuting from a cabin rental can enjoy end-of season turns at Grand Targhee Resort. This Wyoming gem is consistently blessed annually with 500 inches of snow and the lifts could easily turn well into late spring if demand was there. The snow certainly is.

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Mountain biking the “cruise”

However, if catching the end of the winter sports scene isn’t a priority while telecommuting from your rental cabin, there’s still plenty to do to keep one enthralled in this most unheralded season. Lots of snow equates to hefty springtime runoff from the mountains trying ferousiouly to shed its winter white. So, while hiking and mountain biking trails are often not quite ready to tackle at the higher elevations, there are plenty of trails readily available closer to the valley floor. And bikers love to cruise the path that connects Victor to downtown Driggs. Conditions do vary from year-to year, but if tackling the challenges of the area’s reputable mountain bike trails is more of a priority, then best to honor your telecommuting duties by renting a cabin later in the season, especially in a big snow-pack year.

Biking around the Tetons

It’s an easy drive to reach the parks

A trip into neighboring Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks provide the most compelling reason to book at Teton Springs Lodge & Spa when spring has sprung. Leaving Teton Springs Resort, you’ll head east over the dramatic Teton Pass, with a mandatory stop at the summit where one is afforded sweeping views of Jackson Hole nestled between mountain ranges with the mighty Snake River zigzagging through the valley. The town of Jackson during the summer months, flooded with people from across the globe anxious to experience Yellowstone, America’s first nation park, enjoys a more leisure and mellow pace early and late spring. The famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is now shuttered for the ski season and the town’s unique shops featuring everything from western wear with custom colorful cowboy boots and the trendiest boutiques are easy to maneuver. An eclectic array of eateries is scattered among the shops and galleries, and the atmosphere relaxed. So are the folks you meet. It’s nice to have this town to yourself.

The Teton Valley

Springtime in Yellowstone is truly special

The roads leading into the park are plowed, snowmobiles stashed away for the season and automobiles freely travel on Yellowstone roads beginning in mid-April. This is without a doubt the most rewarding time of year to visit, when the glories of nature truly unfold and wildlife viewing is at its optimum. The animals of Yellowstone are less wary in the spring and the babies are making their debut. It’s easy to spot grizzly bears with cubs in tow foraging for food often just feet from the roadside. Baby bison and wolves follow the same birthing schedule and the show can be amazing if one’s timing is right. The rivers in the park rage with spring run-off and viewing areas for taking in Yellowstone’s most magnificent features offer plenty of elbow room.

Biking in the Teton Valley

Springtime in Yellowstone-Teton territory, a most glorious time to unwind, rejuvenate, all while telecommuting from your cozy cabin rental.


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